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End of the Road

InQuinox is in the process of shutting down after seven successful years of operation. This site will no longer exist in the near future, but we wish to thank you for your past patronage and support. Also, we wish you well in your future endeavors and trust that our paths will cross again.

Should you have any interest in acquiring our SanXfer software asset, please contact us at (512) 970-1794.

InQuinox consultants will continue to offer data protection and disaster recovery consulting for a limited time. Please contact Ray Schafer at (512) 426-3188 to discuss these services.

InQuinox Defined: The Three Legged Stool for Recovery/Backup and DR

Over the course of our first five years in business, InQuinox has provided Trusted Advisor advice and Subject Matter expertise to hundreds of Fortune 1000 clients, from General Motors to The Vitamin Shoppe. Our focus on delivering the best Professional Services is a great compliment to our software and hardware solutions, and between the three areas of expertise, we became the "three legged stool." With an industry focus on Recovery/Backup, Disaster Recovery and DataCenter Migrations, InQuinox’s name has become synonymous with a company that most partners wish to emulate. [Find out more]

SanXfer – Fast Server Migrations over IP, even Faster Migrations over Fiber Channel

SanXfer is the fastest tool for performing Physical to Virtual (P2V) migrations of your existing server workloads. With SanXfer, you can rapidly adopt a VM, iSCSI booting, or SAN booting strategy in a fraction of the time of other tools. SanXfer also allows you to migrate your virtual machines between Virtual Host Providers and allows you to swap server hardware with any other hardware in minutes. P2V, server upgrades, server replacements and SAN migrations have never been easier. SanXfer comes in three (3) editions targeted toward data center moves, server management and P2V, and SAN Disaster Recovery (DR). Learn More about SanXfer and try it for free.

AvailabilityGuard – An End-to-End Disaster Recovery Management (DRM) Solution

AvailabilityGuard is designed to eliminate the configuration drift that is an inevitable condition in today's constantly changing DataCenter. It occurs when production or primary infrastructure configurations "drift" or become different in some way, from the recovery or secondary infrastructure. This can create data protection gaps which put your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) at risk as well as host or cluster configuration gaps impacting your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). [Find out more]

SD3 – The Premier Deduplication Appliance

Deduplication is the big thing in enterprise backup solutions. Symantec’s NetBackup software is the leading enterprise backup solution, but correctly implementing a NetBackup deduplication, PureDisk, or NetBackup PDDO solution can be difficult. The hardware upon which NetBackup runs makes all the difference in the world. The SD3 is a family of hardware appliances that are pre-installed, pre-configured, and pre-tuned with NetBackup Deduplication (PureDisk). With models that can scale up to handle more than two and a half petabytes (PB) of backup data, and speeds that dwarf the competition, the SD3 will quickly earn a respected place in your enterprise. Call for a free consultation at 800.495.2959.

Industry News

Service Availability Benchmark Survey Reveals Today’s Private, Public and Governmental Organizations Ill Prepared to Endure Disaster
Continuity Software, the world’s leading provider of disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity monitoring and management solutions, today announced the results of its 2012 Service Availability Benchmark Survey.

Symantec Announces Global Availability of NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012
Symantec Corp. today announced that Symantec NetBackup 7.5 and Backup Exec 2012 are now available worldwide to help businesses of any size seamlessly transform and modernize their outdated, complex and resource-intensive backup strategy.

Symantec NetBackup Ends the Backup Window with 100 Times Faster Backups
Symantec Corp. today announced the latest edition of Symantec NetBackup 7.5 to help enterprise organizations overcome their data protection challenges. The current approach to backup modernization offered by other vendors is broken.

China's Huawei to buy out Symantec venture
Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies will buy out a joint venture with US security software maker Symantec by acquiring its 49 percent stake for $530 million, the firms said Tuesday. The venture, Hong Kong-based Huawei Symantec, was set up in 2008 to provide security, storage and systems management solutions.

Symantec NetBackup 7 announcement
With NetBackup 7 now announced, InQuinox would like to assure our customers that the SD3 appliance can now further enhance your NetBackup environment by providing an integral Media Server within our appliance. In doing so, your backup/recovery and deduplication experience become simplified to the point that it's Plug 'N Play!

Symantec to Deliver Deduplication Everywhere announcement
Even SMB customers can benefit from the addition of deduplication into Backup Exec 2010. “With integrated deduplication, smaller remote offices will be able to replace local tape-based backup with an off-site backup plan that targets a central Backup Exec media server or central NetBackup PureDisk environment, minimally impacting the network.” Put our SD3 to use in reducing your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) with the industry's fastest engine upon which NetBackup deduplication will run.

Backup Exec and NetBackup With Dedupe
Our SD3 appliance is fully capable of allowing our customers to take even greater advantage of the deduplication capabilities within NetBackup by ensuring that your recovery is completed in the shortest time possible, while dramatically minimizing your backup storage footprint, power consumption and maintenance costs.

Symantec drives toward ubiquitous deduplication
Symantec drives toward ubiquitous deduplication in its products
Symantec today said it plans to offer its PureDisk deduplication product as a tightly integrated part of its NetBackup and Backup Exec backup products later this year.

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