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SanXfer™ Storage Software

The Fastest Server and Data Migration Tool

Visit SanXfer.com for more detailed information about SanXfer, including whitepapers, datasheets, and solution guides.

SanXfer™ software is the industry’s best utility for migrating Windows® - based systems. SanXfer can migrate your existing physical server into a Virtual Machine (VM) or to another physical server in minutes, regardless of vendor, model or attached devices. Unlike manual migration methods, which are error-prone and can take days to complete, SanXfer accurately replaces, upgrades, clones and provisions servers within minutes. For organizations that are not yet booting from a SAN, SanXfer makes it easy to convert a local booting system to a SAN booting system.

SanXfer facilitates storage, disaster recovery (DR) and server management administration in modern enterprise environments by expanding server hardware options, simplifying administration and DR, and increasing IT environment reliability. SanXfer enables efficient IT practices while lowering operational expenses by improving the utilization of existing servers, therefore reducing deployment, administration, backup and disaster recovery costs. By promoting and protecting VMs and SAN-booting systems, SanXfer allows IT departments to replace server hardware with dissimilar hardware quickly and easily, maximizing the benefits of shared storage for all enterprise storage needs.

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Feature DC Mover
Cloud & VM Optimized
DR Edition
Convert Local booting system into SAN booting system SAN booting system local disk booting system upgrade a server
Convert SAN booting system to a Local disk booting system replace a physical server provision new server remote site server reconfiguration
Quickly Replace or Upgrade a server to any hardware server synchronization disaster recovery server migration
Support for local disks, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI storage area network host migration data recovery
Licensed for a one time use virtualization software
Licensed for repeated use software utility local booting system
Fast Provisioning of new servers server management san-booting system
Replace a Physical Server with a Virtual Machine (P2V) SAN SAN boot
Move from a Virtual Machine back to Physical (V2P) SAN SAN
Remote (DR) site server reconfiguration SAN boot
Multi-site SanXfer Library Server Synchronization SAN
SAN-to-SAN Data TranXfer SAN SAN SAN

Optional Data TranXfer licenses can be purchased in 1 TB increments.
Download SanXfer data sheet on SAN to SAN Data TranXfer feature (PDF).

Migrations over Fiber Channel or IP

SanXfer has the flexibility to migrate your servers and data over high speed Fiber Channel networks or over any IP network. The destination storage for your migration can be local disks, iSCSI disks, SAN disks, or virtual (vmdk) disks.

Physical to Virtual (P2V)

SanXfer works with VMware®, Hyper-V and XenServer, easily migrating your existing severs from physical system to virtual machine in minutes. If you decide a VM is not the best solution for some of your systems, SanXfer easily allows you to move back to any Physical system. Simply put, SanXfer is the ultimate solution for any X2X migration requirement.

SAN Booting Physical Servers

SanXfer can easily migrate drives from an existing server into the SAN. By moving away from local boot disks, you gain the reliability and manageability advantages of a SAN. Leverage SanXfer to eliminate security concerns and meet compliance requirements by removing local disks from servers, protecting critical data once the server is retired.

Recovery of failed Servers

Recovering a dead server traditionally meant restoring from the last backup or a painful reinstall of the OS and applications. SanXfer eliminates the pain of recovering a failed server, allowing you to quickly and easily replace failed server hardware with hardware from any vendor. Critical data and applications are available within minutes, ensuring business continuity regardless of the server hardware on hand.

Upgrading Servers

Servers that are functioning correctly, but are simply underpowered, pose a time consuming problem for IT departments. With SanXfer, upgrading a server can be done in minutes; there is no longer the need to attempt to build a new server with exactly the same OS, applications, patches, and hotfix levels. SanXfer gives you the freedom to replace a server with hardware from any vendor in minutes, saving significant time and reducing server administration costs.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is a painful topic for many companies. Government regulations and internal company policies may vary, but the bottom line is that the longer it takes to restore operations at a remote site, the more it costs an organization in terms of business risk and lost revenue.

SanXfer provides a new opportunity to streamline your DR process.

If your company is already replicating a SAN to a remote site, SanXfer is absolutely the right solution for you. At a remote site, SanXfer can quickly reconfigure SAN boot disks to work with any hardware you have available, including Virtual Machines. Within minutes, rather than hours or days, your servers can be up and fully functioning.

Datacenter Upgrade

By using SanXfer, migrating SAN servers from one datacenter to another is fast and simple. SAN migrations can be done at a fraction of the time and cost of other methods, with greater accuracy and simplicity.

Rapid Server Provisioning/Cloning

SanXfer can be used to copy a standard build, or an existing server, and quickly provision a new server. SanXfer automatically performs the changes required to boot the new copy from any new hardware that is selected.

SAN-to-SAN Data Migration Utility

SanXfer provides the ability to move data from one SAN platform to another, regardless of the vendors involved, supporting both homogeneous and heterogeneous storage platforms.

Data TranXfer further empowers organizations to take control of their ever growing IT infrastructure. This additional feature extends beyond the traditional workload migration functionality of SanXfer, enabling users to migrate data volumes located on an existing SAN to a new one, regardless of vendor, operating system, or file system.

Virtual Machine Alignment

Use SanXfer to quickly correct block alignment issues for Windows VMs. Misaligned virtual disks often cause a significant performance decrease, potentially impacting business critical applications and data. Leverage SanXfer to create new VMs or migrate existing ones to properly aligned virtual disks, ensuring the best performance from your server and SAN investments regardless of hypervisor vendor.

SanXfer Support

Supported Platforms:

SanXfer Library Server (All 32 and 64 bit versions): Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2003R2, Vista, 2008, 2008R2, Win7

SanXfer Client (All 32 versions, plus 64-bit versions of 2008, Vista, and Win7): Windows XP, 2003, 2003R2, 2008, 2008R2, Vista, Win7

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